COVID-19 - Risk assessment – Staff in Goadsby Premises

COVID-19 - Risk assessment – Staff in Goadsby Premises

Updated: 3 November 2020

COVID-19 - Risk assessment – Staff in Goadsby Retail Premises


1. Introduction

In these unprecedented times, we need to assess and manage the potential risks associated with Covid-19 and take appropriate action.

Our overriding objective is to be safe and protect both our staff and those whom we come into contact with.

We would ask that you take time to read this risk assessment and act in accordance with the actions in 4 below.

2. Who is this risk assessment for?

Our Staff and those who visit our retail premises.

3. What are the potential risks and hazards identified?

In accordance with Government advice, we believe we need to avoid contact from person to person and contact with property wherever possible.

Clearly when we are in a workplace, Staff from different households could potentially come into close contact with each other and also consideration needs to be given about the space and equipment used in the workplace.

4. What actions do we need to take in order mitigate risk in the workplace?

In this fast changing environment, the important overriding message is to use and apply a common sense approach. The below we believe will deal with the day to day in the workplace and if you are in any doubt please speak to your Director.

4.1 The Staff


4.1.1 Potential Covid-19 Symptoms?

  • No party should attend work if they or a member of their household is showing any of the symptoms for Covid-19 or if they have been told to self-isolate by the Government (for example being identified in a high risk category). Please contact HR immediately should this situation occur.

4.1.2 Wash your hands

  • In accordance with government advice, frequent washing of hands is important so please do so, especially upon leaving and returning to the office.

4.1.3 Maintain a 2 Metre Distance

  • Wherever possible, we should maintain a 2m distance between each person.

4.1.4 Wear a face mask when people enter retail premises

  • The offices will either have their entrance locked to prevent visitors entering the premises without first being directed by a member of staff.
  • Staff will greet visitors and direct them in accordance with our risk assessments.
  • If visitors need to enter, all staff in the office will need to be wearing a face mask as will the visitors.

4.2 The Workplace


4.2.1 Communal Facilities

  • Only one person at a time should use shared facilities such as the toilets or kitchens.

4.2.2 Desks/Equipment

  • Wherever possible please do not share desks / equipment / cups etc.

4.2.3 Cleaning/wiping of surfaces/equipment/keys

  • Carry out regular cleaning of work areas and equipment, in particular objects and surfaces which are touched regularly by multiple parties, using normal appropriate cleaning products.
  • Clear down your workspace and remove belongings at the end of each day.
  • In particular, keys being given to any party (i.e. upon completion or to surveyors etc) should be cleaned immediately prior to being given to the other party. Obviously once cleaned they should remain untouched until picked up by the collecting party.

4.2.4 Ventilation

  • Where possible offices should be well ventilated.

4.3 People visiting our premises


4.3.1 What will happen when people visit our retail premises?

  • Visitors should be directed to observe the measures in place identified in our risk assessments.
  • Visitors should be met at the front desk or front door – maintaining a 2 metre distance and only enter if absolutely required.
  • If visitors enter, face masks should be worn by all staff and the visitors. 
  • Numbers of visitors visiting should be kept to a minimum to allow us to maintain a 2 metre
    distance as appropriate. 

Version: PAW.Oct.20

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