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Too much, or too little office space – both can hamper your business

Updated: 22 June 2017

Careful consideration is required when calculating the size of offices that you require, as it is important to avoid expensive relocations. Too much space and you could have unnecessary overheads and too little, could make it difficult for your business to operate, leading to conflict and reduced productivity.


Accordingly, it is important to carry out a feasibility study to determine the size of office that you require and some of things you should consider are as follows:

  • How many employees do you currently have?
  • Are they part-time or full time and do they all require their own desk?
  • What desk space do they require?
  • What are your growth plans over the coming years and do you expect to employ more staff?
  • Do you require open plan or separate offices or a mixture of both?
  • How many meeting rooms do you require?
  • Can you utilise communal facilities within the building? E.g. communal kitchens, reception and meeting rooms.
  • Is there scope to take additional space within the building in the future?
  • Sub-let space? – Perhaps you could take additional space now and sub-let the space providing you with the option of occupying it in the future to allow for expansion.
  • What are your storage requirements? This often gets over looked and it is important to have input from your support team.
  • What are the health and safety guidelines?
  • What are your timeframes? Is this a short/medium or long term relocation?

There are many other factors you should consider and for further guidance on the size of offices that you require, please contact James Edwards or our Business Space department.


James Edwards

James Edwards

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